Talking Timbuktu – a book and a journey

Travelogue plus

I’m writing a book which invites readers on a journey to many different cities, towns and villages around the world. It’s a travelogue but it’s more, because in sharing my journey I’m sharing a million miles of air travel and a quarter of a century of field visits  during which I’ve discovered many of the challenges and complexities of what we call ‘development’;  and I aim to share that journey of ideas, too.

Try it out!

I’ve attached here an early draft of a chapter from somewhere in the book (all the chapters are designed to work on their own, as well as adding up to an overall journey) and thought I’d invite some early reaction from anyone prepared to read it.  This chapter centres on a journey taken on the edge of the millennium, to one of the remoter places in the world.

I hope this is interesting for you and I hope for feedback which is enlightening for me. Please comment at the bottom of the blog.  Don’t be polite!

Here it is! talking timbuktu v2 310117pdf

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  1. Hi Terry. I like it a lot. Very readable! You should include illustrations/maps/drawings /photos maybe?

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