Curriculum Vitae

Terry Gibson


  • Led on design and deployment of global level monitoring frameworks assessing progress in translating Disaster Reduction policy into practice
  • Research perspective through doctorate and subsequent academic research and publications
  • Broad experience in communications, writing and presentation
  • Wide field experience of NGOs in action in development based on field visits to over 35 countries and ongoing network collaborations


Contact details: +447887903658
2016-present Independent practitioner, researcher and writer Focusing on local level development engaging civil society, with a thematic focus on disaster reduction.
2008-2016 Operations director: Global Network for Disaster Reduction Development and piloting of ‘Frontline’ local resilience profiling programme

Development and mobilisation of Views from the Frontline 2009,2011,2013

Development of ‘Action at the Frontline’ action research programme

Development of network membership, communications and learning.

2005-2008 Managing director: Media4change (Now M4C-sustainability) Founded this third sector company, focusing on communications and network development for INGOs and the CSR function of global corporates
1990-2005 Director: Chapel Associates/Mediafour Co-founded this multimedia production company. Projects included  a wide range of documentary productions for Tearfund and other INGOs, corporate training and broadcast programmes
Period Activity Notes
2017-2018 Knowledge exchange fellow At SPAIS, University of Bristol
2005-2011 Manchester University Institute of Development and Policy Management Ph.D: ‘Horizontal Learning and Social Media in an International Development Network’
2003-2005 Manchester University Institute of Development and Policy Management M.Sc: ‘Globalisation and Development’
Recent Publications:
Date Authors Title Journal/publisher
2021 GIBSON, T ‘Turning the World Upside Down’ Practitioner report on local level responses to the COVID-19 pandemic Global Fund for Community Foundations
2020 GIBSON, T. NORTON, J. FIGEROA, L. ‘Dealing With Disasters’ Capacity Building Toolkit for National CSO Platforms Forus International
2019 GIBSON, T ‘Coherence Cookbook. Building Resilience in an Integrated Way’ Global Network for Disaster Reduction
2019 GIBSON, T Making Aid Agencies Work: Reconnecting INGOs with the people they serve Book: Emerald Publishing
2019 GIBSON, T and WISNER, B ‘Global overview of the role of NGOs in natural hazard governance’


Chapter in OUP ‘Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Natural Hazard Science’
2019 GIBSON, T and NORTON, J (Editors) Special journal issue on local learning and action and accompanying website International Journal of Disaster Prevention and Management
2017 GIBSON, T Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction: the role of NGOs Routledge (book chapter)
2016 GIBSON, T, WISNER, B. “Lets talk about you …” Opening space for local experience, action

and learning in disaster risk reduction


International Journal of Disaster Prevention and Management
2016 GIBSON, T et al Pathways for Transformation: Disaster Risk Management to Enhance Resilience to Extreme Events Journal of Extreme Events
2015 GIBSON, T Reflective practitioners: The importance of critical thought for change agents


Jamba: Vol 7, No 1 (2015)


2014 GIBSON, T, PELLING, M Pathways for Transformation: Exposing the opportunity space for disaster risk management to shape development trajectories


Background paper for UNISDR Global Assessment Report 2015
2013 Various: GIBSON. T. Lead author Views from the Frontline: Beyond 2015 Global Network for Disaster Reduction
2013 GIBSON. T. Building community-led resilience: Enabling conditions to improve CSO capacities Civicus State of Civil Society Report 2013
2012 GIBSON. T. Building collaboration through shared actions: The experience of the Global Network for Disaster Reduction. Jamba. Vol 4. No1
2011 GIBSON. T., SCOTT,N The Role of ICTs in Reducing the Policy Praxis Gap in the Climate Change Field. NICCD case study series, Manchester University.


2011 GIBSON. T. Action and change in an emerging network. Humanitarian exchange. Issue 50.
2011 GIBSON. T. It’s all one. Paper presented at Development Studies Association Annual Conference, York, 2011
2011 GIBSON. T. Building collaboration through shared actions. Paper presented at World Humanitarian Conference, 2011: Boston.
2011 Various: GIBSON. T. Lead author If we do not join hands: Views from the Frontline Global Network for Disaster Reduction
2010 GIBSON. T. It’s not just the data. Proceedings of ISCRAM conference. Seattle, May 2010.