Local Voices case studies project

This is the home page for resources for the Local Voices Case Studies Project. A group of organisations are working together to produce case studies of local level actions, which will appear in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Disaster Prevention and Management.

For further information contact terry.gibson (at) inventing-futures.org

The files below include core documents for our recent workshop in Nepal, and the audio recordings of the sessions discussing the case studies, which writers may find useful in working on their articles.

File Size Date
summary_of_case_studies_1.docx137.97 KB05-17-2017
Local_Voices_Nepal_Agenda_outline_v4_terrygib.docx22.02 KB10-27-2017
Case-study-aug-17-edits-zip__terrygib.zip2.28 MB10-27-2017
Can_we_change_the_world_terrygib.docx157.77 KB10-27-2017
Cameroon-discussion-301017.mp324.66 MB11-10-2017
India-discussion-311017.mp328.22 MB11-10-2017
Pakistan-discussion-301017.mp322.44 MB11-10-2017
Indonesia-discussion-311017.mp333.03 MB11-10-2017
Nepal-discussion-301017.mp336.38 MB11-10-2017
Rita-Thaka-presentation-on-TEWA-301017.mp337.62 MB11-10-2017
Vietnam-discussion-301017.mp336.02 MB11-10-2017
Kiribati-discussion-301017.mp322.74 MB11-10-2017
Philippines-discussion-301017.mp338.62 MB11-10-2017

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Photo Gallery

This includes photos from our recent writeshop, There are many more for me to add already. If you send your favourite photos I’ll add them too! (terry.gibson (at) inventing-futures.org). Click on a pic to open it, click the arrow to start a slideshow, right-click and image to download it.