Multi-lingual forum experiment

Words without frontiers: a conversation about COVID-19


We think that the ongoing consequences of COVID-19 will have a huge effect on communities round the world, and on civil society organisations who work with them. We’re inviting people from civil society organisations to share experience and ideas to help us all prepare for an uncertain future.

To help with this sharing, breaking down barriers of geography and language, we’ve created an experimental discussion platform to test out tools to allow free-flowing multi-lingual communication. If you’d like to participate and try it out the guidance below explains how to do so.

  1. What the platform does

Once you are logged on and you have set your preferred language you will see that all posts in other languages have a globe icon at the bottom of the post:

Click on this icon:    and the translation will appear in your preferred language. In this experimental forum there are two discussions, the first is on the longer term consequences and responses to COVID-19. The other invites your feedback on this experimental platform.

  1. How to join

  • Click here to access the forum (if you wish to save the address it is )
  • It will invite you to sign up by creating a username and a password of at least 10 characters (keep a note of these!!)
  • All users have to be accepted by the moderator in this test, so you will receive a notification when this has happened.
  • You can then log on at the above link using your username and password
  • You can set your preferred language by clicking the symbol at top right, clicking your name, sliding down to click ‘preferences’, sliding down to select ‘interface’ and then finding ‘interface language’ and changing it to your preference (if available). If you would prefer you can email the site moderator to do this for you: terry.gibson(at)
  1. How to use the site

  • Once logged on you will see the two discussions, ‘Discussion on responses to COVID-19’ and ‘Feedback on this Platform’ (in this test the discussion titles don’t get translated)
  • You can click on either and scroll down to read the discussion so far.
  • For any post not in your language click the world symbol below the post to translate it  
  • At the bottom of the discussion you can click ‘reply’ to add your own post
  • A window will appear for you to write your post. It also has a series of icons offering options. If you hover the cursor over these text will appear. For example you can upload a document.
  • When you’ve finished writing click the ‘reply’ button at the bottom to post your reply

To access the forum

You can access it here. The address is


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