Terry Gibson is a practitioner, researcher and writer in the field of International Development with a thematic focus on Disaster Reduction.

telpic bangladeshHe emphasises  bridging theory, policy  and practice. He sees the local and community level as a critical action scene and recognises that linking policy and action to ‘the last mile’ is often challenging. He recognises the key role of local and national level Civil Society and much of his work is both supporting and advocating for effective connection of policy and practice to this level.  See detail of his work in this arena in ‘Ideas and Stuff‘. Previously  he worked for eight years as a director of the Global Network for Disaster Reduction, focusing particularly on the development of the innovative ‘Views from the Frontline’ and ‘Frontline’ programmes which gather and shares knowledge and experience from local communities across the globe to drive change locally and nationally. During that time he also completed a doctorate at Manchester University titled ‘Horizontal Learning and Social Media in an International Development Network’ and continues to link action and research in his work with organisations and groups.

you have always been a fantastic bridge between academia and practice”:  (Prof. Mark Pelling, Kings College, London) 

He previously established a specialist company ‘Media4change’ (now part of the Anthesis group) which applied his earlier work in communications and media to change processes in international development and in corporate social responsibility, working for clients ranging from SAB Miller to Tearfund.

In earlier work he produced documentary films about development and humanitarian change for both not-for-profit and corporate organisations over the period 1990-2005, working in over 35 countries, and has also produced several broadcast programmes.

The website title ‘Inventing Futures’ reflects Gibson’s commitment to transformative, sustainable development,  strengthening the ability of local populations to live the lives they wish to, safely and securely.